Construction of swimming pools and spas

We can help you design your swimming pool or spa project, and make it happen. Location, shape, liner, comfort options. Everything must be well thought out to get the swimming pool or spa of your dreams. Or both ?

Construction de piscine sur mesure

Bespoke swimming pools

We provide customised swimming pools, entirely designed according to the environment and our customers’ desires. Our swimming pools are made of reinforced concrete, as this is the most solid structure which also allows for maximum flexibility in terms of shape. Concrete structures are also used with ceramic tile coverings, coatings, reinforced pvc, polyester or natural stone. Mini swimming pools, lap pools, infinity-edge pools. Everything is possible as long as the site allows it.

  • Swimming pools blended into the landscape
  • Integration of comfort options
  • Time-defying reinforced concrete structures


Bespoke spas

What can be more relaxing than spending time in a spa, with your body massaged by warm water jets? We specifically tailor filtration to the number of jets and their optimal power. As with swimming pools, bespoke spas allow complete freedom in terms of shape and appearance. Round, square, overflow, tiled, near a swimming pool or stand-alone, they bring happiness to your life.

  • Concrete structure with choice of liner
  • Freedom to choose your own shape and style
  • Optimised filtration in terms of energy consumption

Spa à poser

Spas to be installed

We sell a range of high-quality spas, which can be installed indoors or outdoors. Powerful, solid, they are available in a variety of models, from 2-seaters to 6-seaters. With their wood slats, they discretely and naturally blend into their surroundings. Ask us to see them!

  • A range of spas suitable for everyone
  • Elegant design which fits in anywhere
  • Solid, reliable…and extremely comfortable !

Your garden deserves a perfect swimming pool

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