A swimming pool can be renovated ad infinitum. Changing a piece of equipment is often an opportunity to reconsider the facility. You may also wish to change the swimming pool so that it is more suited to your tastes. More beauty, more comfort, or more well-being ? Everything is possible.

Rénovation piscine


We offer liner renovations, cleaning, refurbishment or replacement services. We can also work on the structure of the swimming pool, and change its shape by adding steps, an immersed beach or infinity edge. We also deal with landscaping, pathways, rest areas, vegetation… everything your need to make your swimming pool even more enjoyable.

  • Liner refurbishment
  • Change in the shape of the swimming pool
  • We like swimming pools to blend into their surroundings

Volet automatique


Swimming pools are becoming increasingly automated, and you can make the most of it! Water treatment, cleaning, lights controlled by smartphone, on-demand water heating. Which equipment would you like? We also provide you with automatic covers and all solutions to guarantee toddler safety, while ensuring you comply with regulations.

  • Automated swimming pool filtration and options
  • High-performance and economical heat pumps
  • Your secure swimming pool

Lame d'eau piscine


A swimming pool also provides an opportunity to play with water and keep in shape. When renovating a pool, you can add whatever sporting or recreational equipment you want. Counter-current units, waterfall feature, massaging shower, whirlpool steps, etc. Or, why not, a spa !

  • Counter-current unit to enjoy your swim
  • Waterfalls and water blades for aesthetic reasons and massages
  • Treat yourself to a spa

Optimise your facility

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